In the given figure C is the midpoint of AB,D is the midpoint of XY and AC=XD Using an Euclid 's axiom prove that AB =XY

Question from  Class 9  Chapter Introduction To Euclid'S Geometry

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Solution :
We have <br> AB=2AC [`therefore` C is the midpoint of AB] <br> and Xy=2xD [`therefore` D is the midpoint of xy] <br> Now AC =XD(given) `rarr` AC=XD(given) <br> `rarr` 2aC=2XD [by Euclid 's Axiom 6] <br> `rarr`AB =XY [by Euclid 's Axiom 7] <br> Hence AB XY <br> <img src="" width="80%">

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