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A particle A is projected with an initial velocity of 60 m//s at an angle 30^@ to the horizontal. At the same time a second particle B is projected in opposite direction with initial speed of 50 m//s from a point at a distance of 100 m from A. If the particles collide in air, find (a)the angle of projection alpha of particle B, (b) time when the collision takes place and (c) the distance of P from A, where collision occurs. (g= 10 m//s^2) <br> <img src="" width="80%">

Question from Class 11 Chapter PROJECTILE MOTION

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(a) Taking x and y-directions as shown in figure. <br> Here, `a_A = -ghatj` <br> `a_B = -ghatj` <br> `u_(Ax) = 60 cos 30^@ = 30sqrt3 m//s` <br> `u_(Ay) = 60 sin 30^@ = 30 m//s` <br> `u_(Bx) = -50 cos alpha` <br> and `u_(By) = 50 sin alpha` <br> Relative acceleration between the two is zero as `a_A = a_B`. Hence, the relative motion <br> between the two is uniform. It can be assumed that B is at rest and A is moving with `u_(AB)`. <br> Hence, the two particles will collide, if `u_(AB)` is along AB. This is possible only when <br> `u_(Ay) = u_(By)` <br> i.e. component of relative velocity along y-axis should be zero. <br> or `30 = 50 sin alpha` <br> `:. alpha = sin^(-1) (3//5) = 37^@` <br> (b) Now, `|u_(AB)| = u_(Ax) - u_(Bx) ` <br> ` =(30sqrt(3) + 50 cos alpha) m//s ` <br> ` = (30 sqrt(3) + 50 xx 4/5) m//s ` <br> `=(30 sqrt(3) + 40 ) m//s ` <br> Therefore, time of collision is <br> `t= (AB)/(|u_(AB)|) = (100)/(30sqrt(3)+40)` <br> or ` t = 1.09s ` <br> (c) Distance of point P from A where collision takes place is <br>`d=sqrt((u_(Ax)t)^2 +(u_(Ay) t-1/2 gt^2)^2)` <br> `=sqrt((30sqrt3 xx 1.09)^2 + (30 xx 1.09 - 1/2 xx 10 xx 1.09 xx 1.09)^(2))` <br> or `d= 62.64 m ` .<br> <img src="" width="80%">

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