Construct a quadrilateral ABCD in which AB=4.6 cm, BC=2.6 cm, CD=3.5 cm, AD=2.6 cm and the diagonal AC=4.9 cm.

Question from  Class 9  Chapter Geometry

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Solution :
Step 1: Draw a line segment AB=4.6 cm. <br> Step 2: With A and B as the centers,draw two arcs of radii 4.9 cm and 2.6 cm respectively to intersect each other at C. <br> Step 3: With C and A as the centers, draw two arcs of radii 3.5 cm and 2.6 cm respectively to intersect at D. <br> Step 4: Join BC, CD and AD to form quadrilateral ABCD. <br> ABCD is the required quadrilateral. <br> <img src="" width="80%">

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