If two chord of a circle (or of congruent circles) are equal, then their corresponding arcs. (minor, major or semi-circular) are congruent.

Question from  Class 9  Chapter Circle

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Solution :
Case1<br> PQ and RS are diameter<br> PQ=RS are congregant<br> Case2<br> PQ RS are minor areas<br> In`/_\POQ and /_\O\'RS`<br> `OP=O\'R=OQ-O\'S=r`<br> PQ=RS<br> By SSS concurrence<br> `/_\POB cong /_\RO\'S`<br> `/_POQ=/_RO\'S`<br> Case3<br> PQ and RS are minor areas<br> QP,SR areminor<br> PQ=RS<br> QP=SR<br> `/_QOP=/_SO\'R`<br> m(QP)=m(SR)<br> `360-QP=360-SR`<br> `m(PQ)=m(RQ)`.

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