Prove that the perpendiculars drawn from the vertices of equal angles of an isosceles triangle to the opposite sides are equal.

Question from  Class 9  Chapter Congruence Of Triangles And Inequalities In A Triangle

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Solution :
Given `ADeltaABC" in which "angleBCA=angleCBA,B_|_AC and CM_|_AB`, <br> TO PROVE BL = Cm. <br> PROOF In `DeltaBCL and DeltaCBM`, we have <br> `angleBCL=angleCBM" "[because angleBCA=angleCBA],` <br> `angleBLC=angleCMB=90^(@)` <br> and BC = CB (common) <br> `therefore DeltaBCL~=DeltaCBM" (AAS-criteria)."` <br> Hence, BL = CM (c.p.c.t.). <br> <img src="" width="80%">

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