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Velocity-time graph of a particle moving in a straight line is shown in figure. Plot the corresponding displacement-time graph of the particle if at time t=0, displacement s=0. <br> <img src="" width="80%">

Question from  Class 11  Chapter Kinematics

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Displacement =Area under velocity-time graph <br> Hence, `s_(OA)=1/2xx2xx10=10m` <br> `s_(AB)=2xx10=20m` <br> or `s_(OAB)=10+20=30m` <br> `s_(BC)=1/2xx2(10+20)=30m` <br> or `s_(OABC)=30+30=60m` <br> and `s_(CD)=1/2xx2xx20=20m` <br> or `s_(OABCD)=60+20=80m` <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> Between 0 to 2 s an 4 to 6s motion is accelerated. <br> hence displacement-time graph is a parabola. <br> Between 2 to 4s motion is uniform, so <br> displacement-time graph will be a straight line. <br> Between 6 to 8s motion is declerated hence <br> displacement-time graph is given a parabola but <br> inverted in shape. At the end of 8s velocity is zero, <br> therefore, slope of displacement-time graph should <br> be zero. The corresponding graph is shown in above <br> figure.

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