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A Delta ABC is right angled at A. L is a point on BC such that ALbot BC. Prove that /_BAL = /_ACB.

Question from  Class 9  Chapter Lines And Angles

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Solution :
Given In `DeltaABC, /_A = 90^(@)` and AL `bot`BC <br> To prove `/_BAL = /_ACB` <br> Proof In `DeltaABC and DeltaLAC," " /_BAC = /_ALC " " [each 90^(@)] …..(i)` <br> and `" " /_ABC = /_ABL " " `[common angle] ....(ii) <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> On adding Eqs. (i) and (ii), we get `/_BAC +/_ABC + /_ALC + /_ABL " " .....(iii)` <br> Again, in `Delta ABC, /_BAC +/_ACB + /_ABC = 180^(@) " ".....(iv)` <br> [sum of all angles of a triangles is `180^(@)`] <br> `rArr "IN" DeltaABC, /_ABL +/_ALB + /_BAL 180^(@)" " `[sum of all angles of a triangle is `180^(@)`] <br> `rArr " "/_ABL +/_ALC = 180^(@)/_BAL " " [:./_ALC = /_ALB = 90^(@)]` ...(V) <br> On substituting the value from Eqs. (iv) and (v) in Eq. (iii), we get <br> `180^(@) -/_ ACB = 180^(@)-/_`BAL <br> `rArr" "/_ ACB =/_BAL` <br> Hence proved.

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